Webinar: Load Balanced Treasury


Treasury is a niche subject at best, and as thanks to that, the norm for our client at the time was anywhere between 10-20 attendees at once. Working with a group that allowed for educational credits for treasury professionals, we created a webinar series that would give 1 to 1.2 credits per session for the professionals within the Financial Industry. Together with the experts within North American division of the company, we produced a 3 part webinar series surrounding our largest trade show in the sector.


  • Reduced cost per acquisition for potential leads. $34.20 – down from average of 2-3k CPA from other traditional sources.
  • 700% increase in registrants – Emails captured.
  • 2400% increase in attendance – Market Data and Emails captured.
  • 10x normal attendance from previous webinar efforts


  • When attempting to pull traffic from a micro niche, if possible, add continuing education credits in their sector if available.
  • Partners are a valuable list building resource, especially in niche markets.
  • The geekiest subject (payment platforms) was the highest performing, showing that geeky subjects can do very well as long as they sit under the umbrella of a deeper topic.