Social Media: Trade show live tweeting

Social Media had been a pet project of the client’s owner, and so we decided we were going to get involved and push a social media success unlike any the company had seen. We set it around the AFP (Association of Financial Professionals) annual conference – the largest event of in its market – drawing as many as 5000 people together from across the financial world. 

We implemented a live tweeting plan focused on sharing knowledge gathered from the AFP lessons. These tweets could then be combined into blog posts, and eventually, an “AFP rundown” detailing the lessons of the conference.


  • Live tweeting resulted in an 800% lift on impressions above the median within the same quarter
  • 10x link clicks above the median
  • 10x Retweets
  • 500% increase on likes
  • 500% increase on replies
  • Resulted in a 50% increase in residual traffic – even after we stopped.


Covering other speakers – including competitors via live tweeting at an event will draw more impressions overall, increase engagement and get you noticed.